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The wild west railway game, the Iron Horses has arrived!


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It is Iron Horses time.

Make sure you are registered, then go to the Downloads (Iron Horses train game) section and get the game!

We reached beta at the beginning of May. Shouldn't take long from now...  

What is Iron Horses?
Well, it is Rule the Rail! going West. Going to the Wild West.
It is a brand new, pioneer world for you to build.

So, in a certain sense, it is Rule the Rail! 2.
Or Rule the Rail! 2 - Iron Horses.

But we like calling it Iron Horses. :)

By June. Surely. It's a promise.    
'Cause we're all workin' hard, and won't finish earlier, that's why.
But please be patinet, it's gonna be worth it... :))
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