Iron horses the model railroad,  train game

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Is Iron Horses free?  

Iron horses is a shareware, which means that its functionality is limited.
You have to register to unlock the shareware's full functionality.
Registration is four times worth it, because after this you will be able to us not only Iron Horses, but 3 other games as well:
Rule the Rail!
DemonLisher and

Where can I find documentation for Iron Horses?  

Iron Horses and Rule the Rail! have similar functions, therefore you can use the
Rule the Rail! material (Manual, Tutorial) to get to know Iron Horses.

What is the difference between Rule the Rail! and Iron Horses?  

The two games have similar functions (building your own model railway),
but Iron Horses offers a Wild West scenery.

Can I mix objects across Rule the Rail! and Iron Horses?    
Although the two games are similar, their objects cannot be mixed.    
Minimum System Requirements  
Pentium II 450 MHz
128 MB RAM
150 MB Free Hard Disk Space
16 MB 3D Video Card with DirectX 8 driver (recommended:
GeForce 2 MX or better; ATI Radeon or better)
DirectX 8 compatible sound system
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