Iron horses the model railroad,  train game

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Model railway  - Rule the rail model railroad





Iron Horses Itself

Download the rain games - Iron Horses here.

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Iron Horses Wallpapers

Tune your desktop in to Iron Horses!

  Iron Horses Layouts  

Send the of your own tables to the Iron Horses gallery and we'll upload it here.

Here is the mail address to use:

Iron Horses layouts are stored in the .roi format - you can find these zipped here.

Unzip them then copy the .roi files into the game directory. When you start the game afterwards, you can simply load them.

Author: The Town Clown
Author: Dave Austin
Author: Robert


Author: Paul Tucker
Author: E. Dennis Hale Jr.  
Author: Greg Lundy
Author: Ray Oliver
Author: DocOc
Author: Rien en Riet
Author: Josep M. Gomez Forrellad - 35 great layouts!!!
Author: Bruce Jones
Author: Oliver Ban
Author: Boblug
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