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  "I broke with my girlfriend after downloading this simulator..."    
  "This is a fantastic ENGENEERING game, where you build your tracks, terrain, houses, trees, cars, etc. [...] This game has absolutelly NO CONS!!!"    
  "Although initially the simulation was tough to follow, but after observing the demo (and do read the manual), its become very addictive. An excellent simulation and quite an addictive timepass !!"    
  "That is fantastic! A real plotting table on my computer. I love it. My whole family loves it."    
  "Tried the demo - immediately HAD to order the additional features! Runs great on my XP system w/no errors on installation or running. Currently running 5 trains simultaneously on 10 x 10 grid, and experimenting with other layouts. I AM ADDICTED! Look forward to additional objects like farm buildings, equipment & livestock (horses, cows, animals in general). Would also like more steam loco's & some cabooses, and toolbar icons that take up less screen space and allow easier selection of object menus."    
  "Rule the Rail is a fantastic 3D train-set simulator. You start from a blank canvas and build a fully functional analogue/digital train set, complete with 3D scenery, hills and a huge palette of objects to place. After paying a small fee I received a further array of objects to place and some great user-support from Brain Bombers. This software is great fun for all the family."      
  "Works just fine on my XP system; not slow at all. Quickly becomes addictive, especially if you enjoy model trains."      
  "Pros: My rating for this program is ***** five star but the input page wont take my rate input. For someone who enjoys laying out model railroads, this is the ultimate program. Any setup you can think of in the real world, WILL work in RTR including "Y"s, reversing loops, double track crossovers, complex freight yards. Their "power" algorithms are true to life so if you try to hook up a loop without including "isolators"(as you would on a real ***** layout) you cause a short circuit. It helps if you know how to wire up a real layout, but a good ***** layout wiring how-to book from the hobby store will help!

I'm looking forward to Brain Bombers new web sight. They've promised to include a forums page where we users can share layouts and tips, scenery tricks (I made an entire raised track layout without showing the first trestle by using a "quirk" in the way the program determines when to show a trestle, tunnel or nothing. It's just begging to be shared among the other fans of this program.)

The program is FREE and fully functional. It includes a basic scenery set based on European Architecture. The basic rolling stock is also European but the second expansion pack (free if you buy the first) has a steam engine and passenger train that look American.

I happen to know that further scenery packs are in the works for an American "Wild West" theme and possibly the help of a "particular" American 3D artist to help them with modern American Architecture. ;) .....wait for it!

Cons: To write any cons wouldn't really be fair to the guys at Brain Bombers. These guys are EXTREMELY receptive to CONSTRUCTIVE suggestions from their customers. If you have a valid idea or find a REAL "bug" they will do their best to include or fix it in updates."
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