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Upcoming Projects
Right now we are busy with the second
Rule the Rail! game: Iron Horses.


Rule the Rail contains all new developments

Rule the Rail contains now all the developments we have done since years.
Go to Downloads and get it!

  Iron Horses ready for download    
  Iron Horses is ready and available at the Iron Horses website. Make sure you check out all we have now, then go to Downloads and get the game!
Remember: one registration will get you four games!
  Iron Horses Website launch    
  We have launched the Iron Horses website. Content is being uploaded as we progress with the finishing touches: make sure you check back regularly...    
  1.3 Upgrade available    
  The 1.3 Upgrade is available for Rule the Rail!
Check it under the Downloads section.
  New Wallpapers    
  Get new Rule the Rail! (available here, under Downloads) and Iron Horses wallpapers. For a Wild West desktop atmosphere, go here, the Iron Horses Downloads section.    
  Link Logos    
  We have prepared two logos that you can use to link to the Rule the Rail! website (here, that is). Find them here. Scroll towards the bottom: they are right above wallpapers.
  Rule the Rail! 1.21 Upgrade Install available    
  Don't think we need to say more. Offers a lot. Really. Even we were astonished to see, how much. Check it out here. But check it out NOW.    
  Tons of new layouts available for free    

Hey everybody! Lots and lots of new layouts have arrived!

Freshest Contributors:
Josep M. Gomez Forrellad
Dave Austin
A.-K. Smith
Bruce Jones

Visit the Layouts section to find out more and start heavy downloading...

  New Screenshots    
  Check out Screenshots to find new ones from A.-K. Smith and Bruce Jones. Worth seeing... :)    
  Rule the Rail! Forum    
  Yesss! The much awaited forum is finally here waiting for you to fill it up!
Click the button in the navigation bar to access it.
  Logo update    
  Those of you, who have noticed that we have changed our logo somewhat, should be very proud of themselves.
Sometimes even we do not notice the change.
But it does not keep us from explaining, why.
The 3 Bombs now point to one direction. It does not mean that we used to quarrel endlessly, but now we have made a New Year's Resolution to keep our mouths shut and be patient and understanding and co-operative, and stuff.
The true, deeply symbolic reason is that we are sort of pointing towards Iron Horses by means of colored pixels on your screen.
This, younger sibling of Rule the Rail! is greatly expected, much like a binary baby in our developmental womb.
We are fully aware of the fact that this is the Year of the Dog, but we'll deliver you Horses. Hope, you don't mind. :)
  Special Offer    
  If you buy any Rule the Rail! Extension Pack now, we give you two FULL GAMES FREE!
Click here for details.
  Rule the Rail! becomes Editor's Pick    

We are proud to announce that Rule the Rail! has become Editor's Pick in the Simulation category at

  Rule the Rail! Layout contest has come to an end.    

We have received your work, and are now announcing who the award winners are... click here to go to the Contest page.

  Typo correction    

BrainBombers took a gigantic and joint effort to correct the typo in the heading: "Grand opening of the brand new Rule the Rail! website!"

The letter "r" was left out by accident or by the influence of the late hour at which we did it. Now you can enjoy the flawless functionality in the next heading. Roll downwards, and feel the sudden but comforting twang of satisfaction. The world is no longer out of joint now.

  Grand Opening of the brand new Rule the Rail! website    

The brand new website is here!
Check out what we offer:

Interactivity. Send us your screenshots, and layouts and we'll put
them here for others to enjoy.

Thrills. Enter the First Official Rule the Rail! Layout contest
and win great prizes!

News. Be up-to-date, learn about what's happening around the game.

Help and suppor
t. Use our knowledge base, download the builder manual.

Free stuff
. Download the free demo of other games by BrainBombers.

Online store
. Get registered and unleash your creativity with tons of
new accessories for your plotting table.

To send us your comments, wishes, criticism or whatever that you
absolutely need to put into words, use this mail address:

  Brand NEW! Extension Pack #3      
  Find the Brand NEW Extension Pack #3. Free for owners of
Extension Pack #1. Click to access the Packs...
  Brand NEW! Rule the Rail! Tutorial and Demo Layouts      

Get the Tutorial for Rule the Rail! and learn to do fabulous things on
your table!

Go to the Layouts section to download digital and analog demo layouts FREE!

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