Toy trains and steam engines - Iron horses


Send the layout you have built to the Rule the Rail! gallery and we'll upload it here.

Install these layouts just like the extension packs. When you start the game afterwards, you can simply load them.

Please note that these layouts need the registered game and sometimes one or more extension packs.



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Model trains - Iron horses



Simple layout without automated controls. You can control the steam engine with the control board. Adjust the speed, change the switches, and use the detach devices to detach the carriages and then attach the goods wagons.    

Huge layout based on the work of Michael Phillips. Thank you for it, Michael!

Two trains control each other on this layout. You can see very interesting timing here, just watch how the trains move!

A layout with some industrial topic. The goods wagon will be attached automatically, and another engine will pull them to the unload tracks.

The basics of digital control. You can see here how to work with loops when using digital control.

Four trains control each other on this layout with digital control.
Richard Whitney

First Layout Contest Winner!      
  Christian Roth      

First Layout Contest Silver Medalist      
  James Brenner      

First Layout Contest Bronze Medalist      
  Michele (Italy)      

First Layout Contest Participant      
  Pranav Pandya      

First Layout Contest Participant      
First Layout Contest Participant      

Matheu Graston


First Layout Contest Participant

12 years of age from Billings, Missouri. His contest entry is based on his Model Railroad Layout of the Swiss Alps that he built last year. His layout uses nothing but the basic construction set.

Steve Dobner

First Layout Contest Participant      
    Josep M. Gomez Forrellad        

Beautiful and huge layout collection from Josep M. Gomez Forrellad.

Beautiful means beautiful; huge means more than 30(!!!).

Joseph has shared his work with us to encourage all Rule the Rail! enthusiasts from over the world to spend more time with this great game and create such railworld gems.

You absolutely must not miss this. :)

    Dave Austin        

Two layouts in one pack from Dave.        
    Bruce Jones        

Four layouts from Bruce: simple and complex - take the ones you like.        

One layout from Matt.        

One layout from DocOc.        
    Bernd Schluze          

One layout from Bernd Schulze.        
    Alan T. Horwell          

One small layout from Alan T. Horwell.        
    Gerard C.          

    Leann Birch          

    Steven G.          

    Sharif Ahmad          


Fantastic layout, here you can see what can be built with a little fantasy!        
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